Furniture Grade

O'bravia furnishing fabric have become a new and popular fabric in the world. Till now, with it's good quality and beautiful appearance, o'bravia give you more new choice.

Excellent colorfastness--backed with a 4 year warranty.

Locked in color: O'bravia fibers are saturated with pigments. Traditional dyeing methods, such as yarn or piece dyeing, only add color to the fiber exterior.
  O'bravia's performance characteristics are an integral part of the fabric, not an applied finish that would wash off over time. Think of a carrot versus a radish.

Durable: Superb strength and durability providing years of beauty and  enjoyment.

Cleanable: Stain resistant fabrics that can easily be cleaned. Air dries in minutes, unlike cotton which absorbs waters.

Technical support: Meets or exceeds all industry requirements including UV and abrasion.

Luxurious to touch: O'bravia has the soft hand of spun cotton for exceptional comfort.

100% recyclable "green": Earth friendly fabrics that can be recycled.

Price: O'bravia is as the good quality as the best fabric but only cost half price.

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Garden Umbrella
Market Umbrella
Wood Umbrella
Commercial Umbrella
Easy Track Umbrella
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Beach Umbrella

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